Peace of mind and Relationships

As a part of the whole , we are always in relationship with the world around us . We are in relationship with nature , work and home, with the loved ones and even with ourselves. But the question is not what we are relating to but how we relate to everything and everyone. Where are those relationships and how we feel about them. We may be at peace or conflict , resisting or accepting , supportive or nonsupportive , loving or not they are all in our mind.

for example if we consider someone  who we  have conflict with where is the conflict? What is going on in our mind ? What are we dwelling on? what are we we thinking about them? Although they don’t  hear it but energetically they will feel it. Our nonpeace would affect them as well and they will respond accordingly. Some may even continue to hold the grudges after the person has passed. So now where is the person and where is the relationship ? Only in the mind of the one who thinks about it . And what we see is only the reflection of the mind.

I recognized if I make  peace with that person in my mind rather than trying to change them it will have two benefit. First I feel in charge rather than victim and that is empowering. Second it gives me peace of mind even if  nothing on the outside changes yet. But I make sure to release my attachment to the outcome of what I think I want which is change in another . They may or may not change and that is not my concern. I can’t change them but I can change my mind about them .I am only responsible for my thoughts and actions and my own inner space. Since when I have peace I radiate peace and that is how I contribute to the peace or the collective .The opposite is true as well that if I am in war with someone even in my mind I am contributing in a negative way.

There may be resistance at first but where is the resistance and what we are resisting to? The mind always want to be right and we may unknowingly identify with our beliefs about the situation or person or place but where we got all those ideas from other than parents , society and friends and experiences. They are not us and they are all learned ideas and beliefs that could be examined and let go if they are not bringing us peace.

We might say but that behavour is not acceptable or we can’t let it go or forgive but we need to remember that those are not who they are and it just happens through them because they either not at peace with themselves or are not aware at the moment . That gives us the good reason to have compassion for them. They are just the channel for negativity or anger or anything else and the first person feels it at the deeper level is them.We learn to see the truth of their being.

By choosing to have peace we respond rather than react. We lead with our peace rather than follow negativity by reacting .We act from the place of Supreme  than the ego. Since all mind are connected we help others have peace when we do . We radiate that peace  and live in peace independent of outside circumstances. We help to bring peace in our own inner space and then our home and society . We can be grateful for the message and lessons and contribute to the peace of the planet by  feeling gratitude  in our heart which affects our body in positive way.

Holidays or Holy Days is a good time to purify our thoughts and feelings about our relationships and by having mental house cleaning we fill it with love and correct them where it needs correction. We give ourselves as well as others a gift of peace and create Supreme Balance in our lives.

Happy Holidays!

Peace & gratitude,



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creating healthy society

Living in a healthy and balanced society is a great advantage. It is like living in a clean and healthy home verses where there are clutter and germs and disease. Of course every one would love to have the best living environment and as much as we might blame health care system,economy , stress or anything else it all starts from us. Since society is made up of individuals just as our bodies is made up of individual cells. Now if each cell and organ does their job perfectly and keep the balance then our body is in balance and is healthy.

It is true about society as well. If each individual is healthy and live a balanced life , then the whole world would be in balance and healthy. When each person takes responsibility for their health and happiness then there wouldn’t be as much diseases therefore much need for so many trips to Doctor’s office or hospitals and so on. It will not only affect the emotional health of individual and in turn the whole society but all those expenses for problems that could be prevented can be used for growth and in turn for growth of our community . This eventually would help the economy as well.

We need to start from within. If we want peace we need to have peace inside and then in our family and community so we could have peace in the world. Having a healthy and balance world starts with us. Then it can extend to our community and then the world. Each one of us plays an important role in accomplishing this important task. Each of us is like pieces of puzzle that needs to fit or like parts of the machine that if one piece is missing it wouldn’t work.

We are all not only affecting our environment but are responsible for it for the way we are contributing to the cleanliness, health , balance and peace and happiness in our planet. Beginning with ourselves then we can help others as well to achieve the balance in their life . We need to ask ourselves what are we creating? If we are creating health for ourselves and others then we are playing our part for creating healthy society. It is as simple as that. And we can do it. We could all have a life of Supreme balance.



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prevention is the best cure

One of the advantage of having a life of balance or Supreme Balance is prevention. while we are moving toward health and vitality and take action in that direction , we are in fact preventing from future imbalance. Here comes the importance of true healing. Although it sometimes looks like nothing is happening while we are taking action by eating the foods that are designed for our body and keeping our mind clear of clutter of dwelling on negative and follow our heart desire to nourish our soul , we are changing the direction we are moving toward and therefore the destination . We will have more peace of mind and feel more balanced.

Any kind of disease or disharmony in body or mind is the sign that somewhere we are out of balance. In fact there is a saying in Chinese  medicine that when the body is sick it is already too late to treat. Since it all happens at the energetic level before it manifests in the body. So waiting to have any problem in the body then start treating or even rebalancing energetically is like start digging a well after you become thirsty. So prevention is the only way to prevent the problem.

There are so many ways to prevent from imbalances. One is Acupuncture that clears the blocks in the body by smoothing the free flow of Qi or vital energy through stimulating the certain point along the meridians. It can also have detoxifying effect by releasing the biochemical to rebalance the body. Medical qi gong is another powerful way to clear the blocked emotions.  I recommend one or two rebalancing visits a month to maintain the balance. If it is not possible for you to do it on a regular basis you could do self Acupressure sometimes.

For the mind, practicing mind body exercises like  qi gong and tai chi and most important for your soul doing something that brings you joy could be helpful. Find your joy or as Joseph Campbell stated ” follow your bliss” . Make your intention the life of  “Balance” and you will be happy since happiness is the result of” Supreme Balance” rather than what you have or do.



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Spring and Renewal

Spring has arrived and everywhere we see signs of Renewal and New life . Every where the grass is growing , the flowers blooming and we hear birds singing and celebrating. We see new life is emerging where it seemed no life. How can we learn from nature and how can we renew our lives . what do we need to let go and what do we need to embrace. How successful we are in our Spring cleaning . Although this is the term more used to clear clutter from the house it can be used as well for our mind and our body.

What do we need to declutter from our mind. What kind of thoughts we are thinking . Are our actions new followed by our thoughts. We could let go of what doesn’t serve us as we let go any item that we no longer use or is useful for us. We can clear our emotions as well as clean our body by having balanced cleaned foods that help our body get stronger rather than the ones that clutters our body and blocks our health.

We can move our body with practices like Tai Chi , Chi Gong and Yoga which helps us to realign with nature and strengthen mind body connection . In addition we could harmonize the meridian system with Acupuncture as part of total body spring cleaning and tune up or use energetic healing.

We can fill our mind with good thoughts  Thoughts of love and peace and be channel of peace in our relationships and give love so it can disolve negative emotions and create peace for our inner space so we could have a positive impact in the world with the peace we are radiating . And above all forgive ourselves and others and live in the now rather than in the past. Since we are all mind , body and soul we need to address all aspects so we could be healthy , happy and live a life of Supreme Balance.



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Living in Balance

Everyone wants to live a happy and fulfilled life and this is possible through balance in mind , body and soul. Each aspect needs to be nourished in order for us to feel at peace. we need to understand and accept each so we could live healthy life and be happy. For this our thoughts and feelings and actions need to be in harmony  . Many times we do something that is not what we feel or we think something and then do something else. This is because all parts are not integrated. They are not going together. Sometimes we want to do something while other part  is resisting and wants the opposite. This is also creating stressful condition in our body and eventually end up with discomfort and disease. A good example is autoimmune disease which immune system is too active and works against the body and it shows the inner conflict at cellular level.

To address the root cause of such problems while getting any treatment for that is to see where we are not in harmony. Are  mind ,body and soul aligned? Are we accepting ourselves or one part is against the other part? What are we resisting? What are the blocks to our health and peace of mind.  If it is not clear I believe energetic healing is a great way to clear those blocks and bring harmony. You see inner harmony brings outer harmony . Our body reflects our thoughts and feelings .  when mind , body and soul are in harmony then we can be whole and live in balance.



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Health Through Balance

Creating a healthy balanced life could be challenging at times but it is possible. In fact the more we are balanced the healthier we are in every aspect of our lives. When we are balanced we are at peace and feel joy inside. Every time we are not feeling joy or peace is because somewhere we are out of balance. Even when we get sick is a call for balance and our body creates the detox through sickness so we pay attention to where we are out of align. Are we eating right , resting enough, relaxing to release daily stresses,or moving enough. Our body could show signs of stagnation and block in so many ways, with aches and pain or feelings of frustration that comes when we are not connecting with our true nature.

So instead of waiting for our body to force us to do something , why don’t we take care of it on a regular basis. To create balance in the body we need to nourish it with healthy foods that is for our body types. Certain foods might be good for one and not for the other . Since that could by itself stress our body. We could tune in to our body or seek expert help to find out more about our type. For example some fruits like watermelon may not be the best for someone who feels cold all the time. Nature guides and help us to balance by creating seasonal food like walnut in late fall so we have warm food for winter or raspberries and watermelon in summer to balance out the heat. So every time we want to eat something we need to ask is this helping my body ? Is it balanced ?

To your health and balance,


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Change, A Call For Balance

How we are contributing ?

As we are celebrating the new time and new President , everyone is excited for the change that will follow. Although all may not be comfortable with the word change , it is always for better and is about growth.  Nothing stays the same any way and we could see that in nature. The question is asked much these days is , how we can contribute and help the change.

The truth is that we are always contributing in one way or another. For better or worse, in positive or negative way. Since  we are all connected and with our energy , our thoughts and actions we are affecting all  just like a ripple does. So the best way to help is starting with ourselves.

Keeping our inner and outer space clean and clear , creating peace for ourselves we contribute to the peace of the community, country and collective humanity. Feeling responsible for our physical health by eating and drinking and breathing consciously , we are contributing to the health of our community . Since communities are made of individuals just like the whole body is made of individual cells.

Choosing the right thought  , thoughts of truth , love and compassion and letting go of the beliefs that does not serve us any more will keep our mental space in balance and we feel joy so we could contribut to the joy of  our community. Since all minds are one in essence and even our thoughts affect others. Also by sitting still every day and hear the voice of silence is a way to create more peace in our envionment.

 Treating others with love and respect  , seeing their essence which is love  and looking for something good in them instead of judging them affects the energy we are sending out and how we are contributing and affecting others .

Connecting to our source through meditation and keeping our mind clear and our body healthy and more than anything creating balance and therefore happiness in our lives we are contributing since we can’t give what we don’t have.

Calling for change is for everyone . Everything that happened was only preparation for the ultimate growth . It is about changing values for higher  more meaningful ones with higher vision for our world. Choosing love rather than fear, peace over war , cooperation over competition as well as being giving Vs. taking , accepting Vs. rejecting , understanding than blaming , appreciating than criticising , conscious than unaware , kind and powerful than forceful , opimistic rather than pessimistic .

Above all it is about creating Balance . Every problem including the economy, war or even natural disasters are all effects  of imbalance . With Creating balance in our body, mind and soul, we will enjoy a life of balance and we could act in balanced way , balance in giving and recieving , activity and rest as well as balance of  head and heart , our inner and outer relationships so we can be a living example for others and could help them in a better way and be of a better service to others . We can start by being a little more kind , a little more generous and little more understanding in our realations and bring a little more awareness to our choices.We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves first.



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